Greatest Hits

My wife and I used to make music. Some together, some individually, some worth sharing, some you’ll make fun of us for. This site is an archive for that music.

There are some parts I’m really proud of… some musical or recording feat, some lyric, etc. But the overall feeling of a song can be a bit grating, silly, weird, or just plain shitty. So, listen carefully… as in “with care.” Listen with care.

Below are some of the greatest hits. You’ll find many more songs here.

Some Indie Rockers:

Something Worth (2007) Went for a low, multi-vocal feel. Ran the keyboard through the Twin Reverb. Sounds like a live band… pretty cool. Still embarrass myself a bit on the vocals… whatever.

When I Lost My Way (2006) This one kind of fell out real simple. Nice mellow vibe. Some of the lyrics are cool still.

Eire (2006) Mellisa wrote this one… it’s damn good. It’s about Ireland, where we met and where we had some great friendships and times.

I Need it Most A little number I recorded on GarageBand for iPhone.

What Have You Done With Me? I think this is one of the best songs from a recording perspective… I also dig the guitar line.

Bleeding Truth (bonus edition) This one’s hard for me; I both love it and think it’s ridiculous. Overall, though, I’m proud of the sound, and some of the song parts are really interesting.

Andrea’s Song It’s high school. It’s your first time in a real studio. You’ve got a drum machine. You’ve been listening to OK Computer for, like, ever, man. What do you do? I did this. Disregard the nasal voice. Focus in on the chorus’ badass chorusy guitar line. Hell yea. This is one of my favorite worst tattoos. And in true Reevo fashion, when the song should end I just go into something completely different.

Thoughtful Folky Stuff

Number 4 I tried to write a song a day. I lasted 4 days.

Only God Loves (2005) I’m a little proud of the songwriting here. I pretended I was wise and chose not to try to do something interesting on the music side.

Dark Eyes (2005) Simple. I dig. I love my wife.

Song for the Asking (2003) I learned this to ask a girl to prom in college. I loved it so much I had to record it. A Simon & Garfunkel song.

Some Smooth Jesus Stuff

These are kind of cool. Mellow. Made when Jesus and I were still hot and heavy. Still get a bit of the romance of stuff when I listen to it.

I By Mercy (2007)

Pull Onto My Body (2008)

O’ Holy Night Vocoders and playing guitars with knives? I’m in.

Weird Notables

Mistress W. (2007) This is funny shit.

Piano Lover (2003) This one kind of came out of nowhere, but I like it. Kinda weird, but it’s got a good groove and I don’t do much to embarrass myself on the vocals.

Doug’s Song (Jammin) (2002) Ok, this one’s silly, but it’s the only thing I have that shows I used to be a ripper. I had a Gibson Blues Hawk, badass lil’ guitar. Also, I watched this one Satriani VHS non-stop about him in the studio recording some sweet jams. So, I was, like, “Fuck yea dueling guitars!”

What Is It? (2005) This was a random thing I started to record… didn’t know where I was going to take it. Ultimately it didn’t turn into anything. But I think it’s such a cool groove. That little bell sound is tapping my ring against the guitar neck. I also show off my mean rhodes skills LMAO!

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