Slowly Now

I think this was my audition for Music Guy on Friday Night Lights… 5 years before the show got started.

Slowly Now


Another find from 2007 i have no recollection of. So wanted to be deep, you guys.


Lord, be not far

I don’t know if this is a bad damien rice demo or a bad cover of a bad damien rice demo or just a bad song I wrote.

Lord Be Not Far

Holy jesus what the hell happens in this song!? I’m listening at SEVEN MINUTES and it’s still going and i have no idea what’s happening. Sorry about that folks. This is what access to recording equipment and a liberal arts education gets you…

OH MY GOD THAT’S MY OLD CELL PHONE RINGTONE! T9 predictive text, so badass.


Stumbled on some pretty incriminating shit today. Here’s one of the only shareable findings. Kinda cool. Have no recollection of making it.