Random Songs

This is a collection of random songs. Again, so much embarrassing, so go gentle. But at least I tried once. 🙂

2005 – 2008

Pull Onto My Body (2008)
I By Mercy (2007)
Something Worth (2007)
Mistress W (2007)
Mistress W Low (2007)
Broek in Bronde (2006)
When I Lost My Way (2006)
Drummer Boy (2006)
Eire (2006)
Only God Loves (2005)
Dark Eyes (2005)

2000 – 2004

Ok, assholes, this is where it really starts getting embarrassing. Just take it for what it is or I’ll start sharing that one pic of you in the huge The Cure shirt with your hair all hairsprayed and no friends. K?

Julia (Acoustic) (2004)
Julia (Remix #1) (2004)
Julia (Remix #2) (2004)
Let Go, My Heart (2004)
Let Go, My Heart (Acoustic) (2004)
Let Go, My Heart (Fail Drums) (2004)
Symphony of Misunderstanding (2004)
Dear Mother (Acoustic) (2004)
Grow up In My Splendor (2004)
Pop Song (Acoustic) (2004)
Song for the Asking (2003)
Piano Lover (2003)
Rockin for the Rock (Facetious) (2002)
Hungry Eyes (2001)
Born in the USA (2001)
Holy Sonnet 10 (2000)
Diamonds (2000)
Dear Mother (2000)

Chase Reeves – Coup de Grace (2004)

This is the album I recorded during the summer after college. I retreated to tahoe, got a job as a bus boy for the evenings, and (tried) to write and record all day. I mostly just watched AMC. Somewhere along the way this came out too.

This is the only “album” I’ve put together thus far, the only group of songs I set down and put together as a unit.

It’s old stuff… and, hey, I tried.

Coup de Grace
Bleeding Truth
The City
Sad Song
Bleeding Truth (bonus edition)
Hope (acoustic)