Chase Reeves – Coup de Grace (2004)

This is the album I recorded during the summer after college. I retreated to tahoe, got a job as a bus boy for the evenings, and (tried) to write and record all day. I mostly just watched AMC. Somewhere along the way this came out too.

This is the only “album” I’ve put together thus far, the only group of songs I set down and put together as a unit.

It’s old stuff… and, hey, I tried.

Coup de Grace
Bleeding Truth
The City
Sad Song
Bleeding Truth (bonus edition)
Hope (acoustic)

3 thoughts on “Chase Reeves – Coup de Grace (2004)

  1. Holy carp dude…this stuff is really good. I listened to hope first and it was beautiful, honest, and just really freaking good. If you ever need a drummer, I’m your guy! 🙂

    musically-it reminds me a bit of waterdeep but your voice isn’t as raw as his. I appreciate this music. thank you for sharing this.

    is it weird if i have this playing while i’m trying to seduce my wife?na…yeah maybe.

    • Merci, Nick. Thanks for saying so… I appreciate it.

      best song for seduction is probably going to be Something Worth (third one down)… who’s your daddy!? [spank!]

      Thanks Nick.

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